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Vietnamese coffee styles _ Writing in English Laguage

The glass of iced milk cafe from a street vendor coffee in Vietnam.

Most people know that coffee makes by processing it as roast, blending, brewing, and raining it into boiling water. Almost people drink coffee with sugar or milk, ice or not. Coffee contains primarily caffeine which has a stimulating effect on humans. If you look like me furthermore are interested in researching the history of famous food, we will hand in hand the next step, another part, on another day. 

In the 20th century, coffee became a global commodity, creating different coffee cultures in other countries; Vietnam is also one of amount. Coffee producers export the second largest in the world in Vietnam. The French, in 1857, was the first introduced to Vietnam. Then coffee is developed direction own way. Nowadays, coffee in Vietnam is not only a drink but also a life way which seats a street vendor coffee 
with a cup of coffee for watching the road and "ba Tam"- Chatting with other people in the early morning. Coffee shops almost appear anywhere on the streets, which decore more different interiors from vintage to modern. Besides, cafe takeaway kiosks could not count in the city. All of them build Vietnamese coffee cultures. This is a favorite point of view of foreign travelers who visit Vietnam.

Suppose you get a plan to Vietnam and Northeast Asia and want to know some exected coffee shops. Please send me an email or write a comment below.

So you will ask, How many styles of coffee are you drinking in Vietnam? You see this list:

  1. Iced or hot cafe
  2. Iced or hot milk cafe
  3. Egg cafe
  4. Cafe smoothies
  5. Coconut cafe
  6. Jogurt cafe
  7. Salt cafe (new trending current)

The processing preparation of Vietnamese iced milk coffee for the morning.

  • The blended coffee has been put into the "phin." 
  • Pour boiling water into the coffee, but just a little water for the coffee raising.
  • Remember to put milk in the glass of the bottom before pouring water in the "Phin" and place it in the top glass.
  • Rain coffee with fulfilling water in the "Phin."
  • Mix coffee and milk together until they are coming smooth mixture.
  • Add ice to the milk-coffee mixture. 
  • Enjoy Vietnamese iced milk coffee in the morning.  

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